The Pinnacle of Life


For the only world you will ever know, is the world you make now. It is so easy getting lost in the maze of everyday, thinking that this is the way it has always been, and that this is the season we are condemned to endure forever, living in a state of mirroring yesterday, like pale imitations of ourselves.

Though the day it all began, was not a brilliant and extraordinary day where everything was served on a silver platter. The day it all began, was an imperfect and cracked day just like this, only that someone was courageous enough to peek behind the facade, and spot the depth beneath the shallow, and the beams of light behind the dust. That was the first day, and it still is that day. It still begins now. It still begins, here.

[A small note: If you feel like I am am a parrot repeating myself, it is because certain facts – of which this is one – by their very nature demand such repetition. If we don’t constantly keep returning to the fact that it begins now then we miss the very point: Then we squander it all, and then we start acting as though it is day two, instead of day one. For now is fluid like water. That is why I am proud to be a parrot in this case.]


      1. Thank you. It is day #6 of “hunkering down” to fight a viral cold that’s attacked my immune system. But today I am 90% over it … so hopefully I can emerge tomorrow from my self-imposes cocoon without worrying about being contagious. I appreciate your good wishes.

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