What about Your Inner Beast?


“Don’t tame him. Don’t confine him. But channel, your inner beast.” ~ Fomtriok

The reason for this is simply that taming or denying your nature – who you are – is impossible. Attempts at reduction of who you are, are doomed to fail. You can’t reduce the force of you. The dams will inevitably break sooner or later. And your attempts at reduction then rebound uncontrollably: Similarly to ”sleep debt”, we could call what ”reduction of you” results in a kind of ”nature debt”. You can’t reduce it. You can however channel it.

In short: If you try to suppress or tame who you are, you’ll end up being less than human. If you on the other hand channel the force within you, you’ll end up being more than human.

Now what that means to your life, what the intricacies of that are, I’ll leave for you to find. All I say is this: Whatever you want to achieve in life, in order to succeed at it – channeling your inner nature is one of the things that must be done. Let the metamorphosis unfold. Don’t hide him in the dusty recesses of your basement. Don’t fear who you are. Though neither succumb to him. But rather channel, your inner beast. If you do, you will be far more. That’s all.

For at the end of the day you are but a chemical chain reaction that has incessantly surged onwards for three or four billion years. Day and night. Which means, just like the gravity of the mountains, the winds through the forest and the waves of the high sea – so are you a force of nature: The Force of You. There is no reason to fear that. If you don’t fear a torrent of water flowing around your fingers, then why would you fear the torrent roaring inside of you?

So many people go about their lives attempting to suppress their true selves. They do it with great zeal and creativity, denying the primal capacity inside of them, often out of fear that others won’t like who they are, or even more commonly because culture or religion has lulled them into thinking their nature is not acceptable. Though the simple truth is, as long as you don’t harm others, the nature you have – is okay. Just like Nietzsche, I believe strongly in this: We should not deny ourselves the freedom of living honestly – for denial will punch you in the face one day – but neither should we overcompensate and let our inner monkeys run amok. This is why the superior path is channeling rather than suppressing or taming. Let yourself rise tall, as something luminous. Let others too – see the torrent you feel, inside. And then outside.


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