Welcome to Real Fomtriok,

I build/code/design stuff that solves problems. Student of history, economics and programming. Entrepreneur. Writer. Love music, nature and literature.

Interested in meeting fascinating and kind people, who act and don’t just talk.

My given name is by birth Oscar. My other given name however – that I have given myself – is Fomtriok. More people should do that; invent a new name for themselves. It is a manifestation of free will, of simple joyful and childish life. And only the childish life, can be a truly brave life. The idea of “adulthood” is one of the worst poisons in the world. It kills more people than any other afflictions combined.

This journal is simply one of my windows to the world. Already long ago I decided that the only life I want to live, is one where I wholeheartedly dedicate myself to solving some of the greatest challenges in our world (most importantly climate change and socio economic unfairness). Life is simply wasted if you don’t spend it doing what is most valuable to you. Don’t become; Rather be. Don’t want or plan; Rather be. Incorporate your ideals in the small detail here and now. That is how you move mountains.

I want to share my story. For the only way to grow as a person is sharing, receiving and living in accordance to clear wisdom. Every human on Earth can do that. It is not an ability bestowed only a select few.